Grappling with my mind

I’ve wanted to start a diary for a long time. The thing is, my life was so dull, I could never really think of anything to write about. I couldn’t have it be filled with entry’s like “woke up, ate grey porridge for breakfast, need better seed mix than chia. Went about my business, nothing interesting happened. Skipped lunch, ate dinner, watched t.v. for a while, and went to bed. The end.”  It’s over before it begins. Who would want to read that? I don’t and I wrote it. Continue reading




This always helped me through the harder days. The days I thought

‘Why am I doing this? Why’d I start doing this to myself?’

It gives me motivation to continue. To know that if I keep it up, if I continue to try everyday. everything else will become that little bit easier.

Humble beginnings

When I first started Bjj, it was by accident. I didn’t really want to go, but my boyfriend at the time insisted. It took him about a month of nagging to finally break me down and I went. I couldn’t refuse as he’d made me pinkie promise not to back out. I strive to be an honourable person (I am, in theory) and I couldn’t break that promise. Continue reading