Being Coachable

Back to training, finally. Drilling after getting back was exhausting, I took up the rip 60 / tabata class before Bjj to get some extra conditioning in, and though overall I’d been feeling better and better, today I just felt drained. I wanted to put my all into every technique, to be completely focused, but though the spirit was willing the flesh was spongy and bruised.

zapp-brannigan-the-spirit-is-willing-but-the-flesh-is-spongy-and-bruised Continue reading


Training whilst sick


Woke up this morning with my throat a little sore. Being the idiot I am I chalked it up to dehydration as I hadn’t drank very much the previous day. I got up drank the biggest glass of water I could find, felt much better and went about my day as normal. Heading to training I felt fantastic, I pounded out my warm up rip 60 class no problem, but as it wound to an end and Bjj class was about to start, I felt kind of off, weak and a little shaky. Of course I drew the conclusion that it was due to lack of proper hydration again, or maybe I was low energy because I’d no food, so I grabbed a glucose sweet from my bag drank some more water and tried to shake it off. Continue reading

Rolling the big guys.


Rolling as the smallest person.                                                                Weight 55kg / 123 lbs

It sucks, absolutely, no question. I consider it “doing well” if, during a roll, I’m not simultaneously crushed and squeezed, whilst being tossed around like a rag doll. I’m not talking about being beaten by skill, that’s one thing. This is like hitting a brick wall, those times you’re sure the person you’re rolling with is actively trying to dismantle you, even if they’re not. Continue reading