100 days of happiness and fitness (day 4)


It’s been a long time since the last 100 days post, I lost internet on wednesday morning, I figured it was minor and I thought in would be sorted by the next day but nope, Monday the guy says. No posts for 5 days :(. I’d only just taken up the 100 days challeng too 😧. No matter though, we can amble on a few days later than usual, I’ll just add in everything that happened since then.

Tuesday, was my first day teaching 😄. I teach the wee ninja class, 14 kids between the ages a 6 and 12 the joys of jiu jitsu… well mostly I would teach them not to hit or bite each other, but when they listen I teach them jiu jitsu.

I’m not used to being around kids, I think I have a little bit of a phobia of them or something. But when my coach asked me to help him out with the class I immediately said yes. Then I inwardly cringed, thinking “what have I gotten myself into?” I can’t work with kids, I don’t even like them. It was the most horrifying and exhausting thing i’d ever done, yet when the class started and I saw the looks on the little guys and girls faces when they get something right for the first time, the way they laughed and giggled during the games. It’s something I’ll never forget and it was truly a rewarding experience.

On Thursday I started my first swimming lesson. At 29 I was still terrified and froze up the moment my toes touched the water, but my S.O. was there to walk me through the initial horrers of wading into the 4 feet of water.

After a little splashing around, I finally worked up the courage to dunk my head under the water and look around. My nose filled with water immediately… lesson 1 hold your nose. On my second dunk my goggles started filling with water too, and my ears, it was all in all a very stressful experience. But I was enjoying every moment of it. Learning how to stay afloat, thrashing around like sharks, playing dead man, it was like a was kid again. I sometimes forget that physical activity can be fun, that it doesn’t have to be all sweat and turmoil, you can actually enjoy the experience of getting your cardio sessions in.


Friday I worked with another kids class, we had a new boy in that was so terrified I thought he was going to pass out. I felt so bad for him, but every time I went to talk to him he’d run away and hide behind our coat racks, It was heartbreaking. As the class went on though and the games began, he got closer and closer to the mats, until finally when I beckoned him over, he joined in. I was ecstatic and he was… just beaming, we worked together as there was an uneven number, and with everything he get got right and every time I praised him his smile grew bigger and bigger, until he was giggling his way back to his mother. It was a weird feeling of accomplishment, one that I never thought about before.


My weekend was boring as heck, I spent my time studying for my soft tissue injuries exam, so we didn’t miss much on that front. I’ll try to remain more consistent with the posts now that the aul internet is back.

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