Something I’m working on


Techniques I’m working on:

I’ve been working on this new technique lately. It’s something I’ve been trying to get from half guard for a while now. We all know how it goes, or at least I hope we all do. The frustration of knowing the technique, knowing the details, tweaking the details, running the drills, but not being able to get it to work in live rolling. Feelsbadman.jpg putting in all this effort and seeming to get nothing in return. 

This technique I’m working on is “bubble guard”. It’s a tucked sweep from half guard and it’s supposed to help someone smaller escape from deep half guard without too much effort. I’m sure it has another name, but this is how I know it. I used to try the under-hook escape to the back, and it can still work, but the bigger the opponent the less likely I can pull this one off. I also fall into “brabo” territory if I’m not careful, which I’m usually not.

/sigh. I can’t get it, I’ve drilled it, read about it watch the vids to help tweak the technique. But I can’t, I think there’s still something I’m missing, maybe I’m positioned wrong.

The technique:

So, you in half guard. Your tucked in there tight as a rabbit in his warren, wrapped up cosy under your training partner ready to take a nice nap. Only we’re not going to be taking any naps, it’s chore day and we got some sweeping to do.

So, you reach your lower hand down and hook it under your opponent’s knee, if your strong enough you can pull your opponent’s leg closer to you. I’m not strong, so to fix that you can pull yourself closer to the leg, creating the same effect.

Tuck yourself in more, drop your head too, no one wants brabo/darce whatever’s flying at them when their trying to work. I pull a little bit on the leg in drilling to show I mean to do something different and try to get my chest as close to my opponent as possible.

This is supposed to cause two things to happen either your opponent doesn’t attempt to defend the thing your faking, and you can pull the leg a little harder and use your hips/chest to sweep them back giving yourself top half guard. Or, your opponent will try to push you back down, using their momentum coupled with pulling/pushing their leg, you can sweep them over their shoulder taking top position from there. In theory it should be easy. Both directions should cause my partner to be swept either way.  And in drilling it is easy, but that’s because my partner allows it to happen. When rolling that’s another story. I just sort of get stuck, I’m tugging the leg, I’m pushing my chest up to reduce space and get my opponent worried, but I can’t move them. Not forward, not back.. It’s frustrating.

My Thought’s.

I know this is all me, I just can’t get into a position that feels right enough to follow through and by the time I’ve thought about every detail I need to, to get it to work, I’m smashed back down and brabodarced to death, or passed in the most crushing way possible (thank you Sean).

I do admit I rely a lot on my hands and am not paying too much attention to what my legs are doing. I know there’s a technique to how the legs turn too, but I can’t seem to get it to work in conjunction with my arms. The vids I watch aren’t too specific about it either, especially what to do with short stubby legs like mine. I’m trying to work on this, drilling at home with an old punch bag to try and recreate the position, getting my training partner to go over it again for the thousandth time, but it’s still not the same when it comes to live fire. Whatever… I’ll get it someday.

Anyway, this was just a rant about my BJJ problems, I’ll keep working on it and try my hardest to get it right. Bottom half is like being buried alive to me sometimes. It actually works wonders for putting life in perspective when I’m stuck like this, I can usually say with 100% conviction that at least today isn’t as bad as being stuck in half guard. It’s a plus, even when it’s not. If I can figure out how to get past this, I can get past anything.


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