Diary 15/09/2017

The last couple of weeks I’ve been taking it easy in class. Half assing the warm-ups and only running the drills til I felt I was okay then stopping for a break. Continue reading


Something I’m working on


Techniques I’m working on:

I’ve been working on this new technique lately. It’s something I’ve been trying to get from half guard for a while now. We all know how it goes, or at least I hope we all do. The frustration of knowing the technique, knowing the details, tweaking the details, running the drills, but not being able to get it to work in live rolling. Feelsbadman.jpg putting in all this effort and seeming to get nothing in return.  Continue reading

Sharing: Side control


I’m not the biggest person in the world, or in my gym, most people in my there out weight me by 10 to 20 kg (20-40ish pounds), maybe more. There were, and probably still are, people I couldn’t work with, simply because I had no way to move them or control them like I could somebody smaller. I just didn’t know how to do it, I’d put all my effort into trying to get them to move or stay still and in a moment, it was all gone. 

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Long Hiatus


Our wee Champions

It’s been almost a year since my last entry, I took a little turn for the worse emotionally back then and needed to take a break from nearly everything that wasn’t school or training. After several months of study, work, train, sleep and repeat, it’s gotten better. A lot has happened in the time since I last wrote, I aced my exams, I picked up extra work around the gym, I now help teach the wee ninjas class at our club. Between 18 and 30 kids aged 5 to 12, training has been better that ever and in the same time I have also achieved my blue belt and a few stripes to go with it. It was all going so well and I’ve been so busy, I forgot to write about it, but I figured I have a few days free, let’s see if we can get this going again. Continue reading

Being Coachable

Back to training, finally. Drilling after getting back was exhausting, I took up the rip 60 / tabata class before Bjj to get some extra conditioning in, and though overall I’d been feeling better and better, today I just felt drained. I wanted to put my all into every technique, to be completely focused, but though the spirit was willing the flesh was spongy and bruised.

zapp-brannigan-the-spirit-is-willing-but-the-flesh-is-spongy-and-bruised Continue reading

Training whilst sick


Woke up this morning with my throat a little sore. Being the idiot I am I chalked it up to dehydration as I hadn’t drank very much the previous day. I got up drank the biggest glass of water I could find, felt much better and went about my day as normal. Heading to training I felt fantastic, I pounded out my warm up rip 60 class no problem, but as it wound to an end and Bjj class was about to start, I felt kind of off, weak and a little shaky. Of course I drew the conclusion that it was due to lack of proper hydration again, or maybe I was low energy because I’d no food, so I grabbed a glucose sweet from my bag drank some more water and tried to shake it off. Continue reading

Rolling the big guys.


Rolling as the smallest person.                                                                Weight 55kg / 123 lbs

It sucks, absolutely, no question. I consider it “doing well” if, during a roll, I’m not simultaneously crushed and squeezed, whilst being tossed around like a rag doll. I’m not talking about being beaten by skill, that’s one thing. This is like hitting a brick wall, those times you’re sure the person you’re rolling with is actively trying to dismantle you, even if they’re not. Continue reading

Grappling with my mind

I’ve wanted to start a diary for a long time. The thing is, my life was so dull, I could never really think of anything to write about. I couldn’t have it be filled with entry’s like “woke up, ate grey porridge for breakfast, need better seed mix than chia. Went about my business, nothing interesting happened. Skipped lunch, ate dinner, watched t.v. for a while, and went to bed. The end.”  It’s over before it begins. Who would want to read that? I don’t and I wrote it. Continue reading